Encore St Kilda is part of that gorgeous sunset St Kilda vibe. Part of the St Kilda Sea Baths, Encore has amazing Ocean views with a a few colourful characters and is a beautiful spot to host your wedding in Melbourne.

I hope you have a sweet tooth, cake ink had the sweets section covered not to mention the doughnut bar by Doughboys.

As mentioned in previous posts I have started to include the Bride and Groom’s story which also goes into the planning of the wedding day. Hopefully it helps some brides out there when they start to dot the i’s and cross the t’s when the planning begins.

From the bride:

Steve and I dated for over 8 years before he finally asked me to marry him, on top of the Herron Tower in London, our home over over 3 years. We knew each other through mutual friends at Melbourne University and although I always secretly thought he was a bit of a spunk, and clearly out of my league,  it wasn’t until after we completed university that we started dating; Steve strategically lent me only a couple of seasons of FRIENDS dvds and so of course we had to keep catching up over dinner for me to finish these series. On 1st of November 2005, Steve worked up the courage to ask me out and I still distinctly remember that sweltering Summer night in Melbourne where we shared gelato on St Kilda beach and started this journey…

We wanted to incorporate that special moment  on our wedding day so it was a befitting and easy choice to have our wedding reception at Encore in St Kilda. We wanted our guests to have that same gorgeous view of the beach that we shared all those years ago and hired a Bianco Gelato, one of our favourite gelateria carts to cater dessert for our guests.

The planning process was one that we really enjoyed despite those few moments of stress that all couples experience. It was daunting at first; I didn’t have a colour theme or overall theme from the get go but found it evolved over time; I started with my dream wedding dress, a modern twist on a detailed vintage silk gown by Jenny Packham and slowly built the theme around there: Modern Vintage with accents of gold and pale pink. Above all, we wanted our guests to have fun and full bellies; that was our goal. We kept to our traditional Chinese and Vietnamese heritages with a 8 course Chinese banquet feast followed by a Donut bar and gelato.

Our wedding day really was the ‘best day ever’ as cliche as that sounds. We were surprised how emotional we both were and the amalgamation of marrying each other and celebrating with both of our families had us in tears and laughs throughout the day. As an admittedly OCD bride (I had rooms in our house dedicated as Wedding mock up rooms detailing how to style our reception with measurements to the cm!), I thought I would be slightly stressed on the day and notice every little detail that went astray but from the moment I checked into the hotel before our wedding day, I was so relaxed, excited and happy. I had such a supportive and fun bridal party and all our suppliers were so reliable, delivered to the brief, went above and beyond to ensure our vision and personalities were captured a I was well known for having very particular taste and directions. I felt beautiful and all the hard work prior the wedding paid off. We had budget for our wedding but I didn’t want to compromise on the look or feel of our theme so I spent a lot of time sourcing different suppliers and designing and printing all my artwork (guestboard, menus, advice cards and invitations design). It is possible to create a lux look on a budget. We researched all our suppliers and their art and we couldn’t be more happy with everyone we chose to help celebrate our day and the support of all our family and friends.

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Bride’s Dress: Jenny Packham 

Bride’s shoes: Valentino

Groom’s & Groomsmans’ Suit: Joe Black 

Bridesmaids Dresses: Adrianna Pappell 

Bride Jewellery: Cartier & Chanel

Bridesmaids Jewellery: Samantha Wills 

Hair: Carla Gabriella

Make Up: Cynthia Smyth 

Cake table and favours: Cake Ink 

Donuts: Shortstop and Doughboy doughnuts

Wedding styling: Bride 

Wedding Invites: Designed by bride, printed by Fenton Ink

Venue: Encore St Kilda

Caterers: Cyrstal Palace

Reception Florist: Thrive Flowers

Wedding Bouquets: Helen Dillon

Church: St Ignatius – Richmond Australia

Band: Like This 

Photographer: Stewart Leishman

Videographer: Marcus – Wheelhouse studios 

Encore St Kilda Wedding Melbourne