It’s finally warming up here in Melbourne and its great to be able to head back outside and enjoy that sun! I think it would have to be one of the longest and coldest winters on record here in Melbourne, I swear it seemed like half the year was wet and grey. So yeah, the warmer weather is always welcome.

A couple of weekends back we organised a Sorrento seaside pre wedding engagement session with Vanessa and Adam. The sky was so blue, it matched Adam’s shirt perfectly :) The rugged coastline down by the sea side sure did make an amazing back drop for the engagement photo’s.

I have started to include a write up from the couples now of whom I photograph to add an extra dimension. Every one has their story and how they met, how excitted they are to make a commitment to each other. So with out further ado, here is Adam + Vanessa!


Nine years ago, I met Adam at a health science orchestra where we were violin buddies. One of the first facts I learnt about him was he has red-green colour blindness which partially explained his unique 18 year old sense of fashion! Fast forward through a few years of friendship which included intense study swot vacs, late night gelato dates and a ferris wheel ride – I finally realised that Adam’s generosity, humility, warmth and overall kindness are qualities that I had always wanted in the ultimate lifelong best friend. The best part about our relationship is encouraging each other whilst journeying together through our big and small milestones. I am so so so excited about our wedding, honeymoon and all our worldwide adventures but more the just ‘see you when I get home’ that comes after. Spending time with Adam is the favourite part of my day and I cannot wait to begin the new step in our lives together in December.


It was “those eyes”, that flick of her hair, and of course, her smile, that first captivated me all those years ago at our weekly orchestra rehearsals. In the early days, there were hideouts in the library, late night phone calls, folding concert programmes and exploring the ins and outs of the CBD. Not much has changed, except for hideouts are in the hospital, early morning phone calls, folding wedding invitations and exploring the ins and outs of our overseas travels. Marrying Ness means that I can share the boring and the exciting with my best friend who knows me inside out, back to front and upside down. The wedding day is day 1, and it can’t come any sooner!

seas side pre wedding photos at sorrento victoria pre_wedding_002 pre_wedding_003 pre_wedding_004 pre_wedding_005 pre_wedding_006 pre_wedding_007 pre_wedding_008 pre_wedding_009 pre_wedding_010 pre_wedding_011 pre_wedding_012 pre_wedding_013 engagement portraits of a couple getting marrried 001-Toorak_weddingpre_wedding_019    Sorrento Seaside Pre Wedding Engagementbeach engagement photography Sorrento Seaside Pre Wedding Engagement